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"Every computer at a store today is fast enough for 99% of people."

Nope. Shitty laptops with 5400 rpm old hdds, 2 GB of ram and old turion/core CPUs will NEVER be "fast enough".

It is a good machine for typing school papers and checking Facebook and Youtube

You're overestimating what most people do with their computers

I actually have exactly that setup (shitty Gateway with Turion and 5400 rpm hdd, dirt cheap).

It works well enough for what I need it to do - surf the web, Office, Facebook, Youtube, Plants vs Zombies, movies, - heck it has an HDMI port. And I've been able to do some light programming on it without trouble.

Only thing it really doesn't do is non-casual games.

You say that as though Turions and the Core series were bad. I'm currently running a Phenom 2 x6 3.3GHz.. and guess what? For the majority of tasks, it is no better than my previous Core 2 Quad 2.5GHz. And the Turion processor is no slouch; I know this from experience.

Can these chips power a supercomputer? No. Do 99% of people need them to? Not at all.

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