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kaolinite 524 days ago | link | parent

I would bet money that at some point in the next 2-5 years Ubuntu will fork significant parts, if not the entirety, of Gnome...

The replacing of Gnome has already begun. They replaced Gnome Shell with Unity and GDM with LightDM. They're using Qt more often now as well (I believe Ubuntu One is Qt and I know that Unity2D is too), so it seems that perhaps GTK+ will be next.

steevdave 524 days ago | link

The parts that aren't already replaced are heavily patched and can't really be used by a default install.


crowleysimon 524 days ago | link

I wouldn't say GTK+ is next, unity2D is discontinued and Ubuntu One is only made in QT because they use the same client for windows and mac.


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