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That must be nice if all you are doing is being a student. I on the other hand don't even get off work till 6. Home by 7, then dinner. If I'm lucky I sit down to study at 8. Lets face it, you really don't realize how good you have it as a student, but your advice isn't terribly useful to the rest of us now in the work force also trying to continue to learn/enhabce/keep up.

tldr: student life has a lot of freedom and perks over working a job, nanananana.

It's 11:14 pm my time, and I just got done with work. Legitimate, not-procrastinating, i-work-in-the-startup-salt-mines, since I began this morning...work.

I'm now faced with either getting a little more sleep, getting to read a book series I started recently, trying to get some of my russian studies done, or maybe actually learning something about programming today.

I think I developed more as a person when I was working a 9-5. I never even got to experience the freedom of academics, because I couldn't afford to go to college.

Fuck it, I'll read another article about monad transformers and then pass out.

I don't see what about this would fail to be useful to someone who had more work to do . . . That is, the focus should be on the technique to use the available time, not the specific time this person chooses to stop.

I'm a student, with afternoon and evening classes. I don't have these freedom and perks. If anything, I look forward to getting a job so I can stop worrying about studying for a test.

I'm currently working for two startups and a research lab. My day is just the reverse of yours. Most of my evening/nights are spent doing work for my jobs.

Student life is not always easier than work life. The level of 'freedom and perks' you feel depends more on the culture of your cohort/workplace and your commitment than on being a student vs having a job.

I went from grad school to Google in nyc, where the working culture supported going home by around 6pm. That felt like the opposite of grad school, where I regularly slept in my office.

It's crazy, I know, but some students also work.

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