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How are readers supposed to approach this piece? The tone reminds me of Morpheus from The Matrix. I know we live in the age of "tl;dr", but the formatting demonstrates the piece's assertion that "Less, for the sake of less, is not more."

I should probably regard it as a poem of sorts, but as a series of assertions it basically tells us that in order to advance the state of the art (which has come so far that things once thought impossible feel simple) we must be willing to spend a lot of effort solving hard problems. The rest of the piece tries so hard at profundity that it ends up being mundane.

I don't claim to have ever achieved perfection with anything I've done. But I can say from experience of designing a lot of systems, that the initial designs are usually messy and complicated. A lot of developers stop there and start building. But if you keep going, at a certain point things start to become simple and obvious. That's how I know I've managed to get to the core of some certain problem. It's a great feeling when all of a sudden the design or approach seems to just fit perfectly.

I don't really know how to get there except to just continue re-working things until that magic moment happens.

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