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Are you actually able to get all of your work done by 5pm on a consistent basis? I really like the idea you're promoting (and I may well try it myself), but that seems like a stretch for me. Between 2.5-3.5 hours of class a day, lunch, and the time it takes to go from class to another etc, that would really only leave me 2-3 hours for work every day...I honestly don't think that would be enough even if I could focus 100% for the whole time. Is your experience different?

Yeah, I actually have been. It seems like a stretch, but being really disciplined has made it possible. Sometimes if I start zoning out in class, I'll start doing some homework instead. Usually that leaves me with around 3-4 hours a day to get stuff done. Then there's the Sunday catch-up day. If I'm really behind on stuff, I'll take most of my Sunday to catch up before the week starts.

(Mostly) following this schedule has made me get everything done at least twice as fast, and given me more time to work on jobs and side-projects.

I'm guessing OP is a lot smarter than me, because I need a lot more time than that to barely understand any of my coursework.

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