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I got a similar idea when I saw this link. But I think it would be better to have it as a browser extension that automatically hashes the password/passphrase for you, depending upon the site. Different salt for different website, that changes on the click of a button(to deal with enforced password expiration, or password changes), and maybe a different hashing algorithm for different levels of sites.

I don't no why you would want to use a different type of hashing. As for the changing passwords issue you could bump your sitename. For example...

site: 1twitter

site: bump-facebook

Just use a bumping method, it isn't the best... but it works. You could always change the number of characters around also.

Could use different passwords for different levels, no need to different hashing algorithms.

And its pretty much the same thing isn't it - different salt vs bumping the site name.

Different levels still doesn't work when changing your password. If twitter made me change my password, it wouldn't increase or decrease on my level of importance scale.

The idea is to have one password, with a salt(or service name) for all services. To make it a little more secure, you could set up different levels - email and social, news sites, games..., basically any way you want to do it, and have a different passphrase for each level. When changing passwords, you just need to change the salt of that particular service.

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