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I think you are not fully realizing the changes the world has undergone in the last twelve years. The convergence of Moore's law, nearly ubiquitous internet connectivity, Google, interaction design, machine intelligence, solid state storage, cheap, precise manufacturing, and hardware/software efficiency that produced something like the iPhone is a monumental human achievement. Think about how it has changed the way you work, the way you travel, the way you learn, the way you communicate, and the way you entertain yourself. Don't know something? Let's google it. I'll pull my microcomputer out of my pocket, connect to this vast storage of data that comprises nearly every fact that has ever been discovered, query it by keyword, download and render it to a screen that I can manipulate with my fingers as if the things on it were tangible, read/view/watch it, and share it with hundreds or thousands of people instantly.

It was science fiction when I graduated high school at the millennium. Now, people consider it as common as newsprint.

"This newfound state of No Future is, in my opinion, a very good thing. It indicates a kind of maturity, an understanding that every future is someone else’s past, every present someone else’s future. Upon arriving in the capital-F Future, we discover it, invariably, to be the lower-case now."

- William Gibson

"If the future is dead, then today we must summon it and learn how to see it properly"

- Warren Ellis http://t.co/eicOEwEP

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