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If one attacks the OP for being materialistic, then one misses the entire point.

This post is about minimizing hypocrisy. Too often we do not pay attention to the things that others have built for us. We, the builders and the makers, do not pay enough attention to the builders and the makers that influence our lives! Don't we wish that our customers would pay close attention when they are deciding whether to use our products? Of course we do.

Dustin's materialism is the symmetry to the Hacker ethos of making, and if you think he's doing something wrong than you sir are no hacker.

"The Best" that Dustin describes isn't built for "us".

It doesn't even represent the highest of form and/or function. Merely the exhaustion of research into the topic.

It's easy to be stuck in one field and obsessing over the smallest details, but I agree that it's good to branch out and see what obsession is happening in other fields. (In particular, consumer products). Although, remixing those ideas can get messy (see: Skeuomorphism).

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