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That's a sarcastic "awesome," right? Because that sounds like a bug. If you need to do something after x hours, this is useful. If you have to do something at a certain clock time, then this could be infuriating.

I'm sorry? He said he wanted to do something at a certain clock time, and the phone correctly told him how many hours away that time was.

Oh! I thought it changed the alarm time. A technically adept friend recently complained about this happening with his Android phone - the 8am alarm went off at 7am - so I had that in mind, though it seems like I was misreading here. Sorry about that.

This happened to me too; the alarm went off at both 7 am and 8 am instead of just 8.

Haha, if it adjusted the clock time, that would be double or triple bad depending on how it was implemented. The alarm would be wrong unless it were shifted back when the time changed again, thus defeating the point of having altered it in the first place.

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