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Well, this is weird. I created this question when StackOverflow was just out of beta, hoping to steer it to more broader questions - guides, if you wish. This question really took off, but the format didn't, and SO mostly became a stack of incredibly specific questions and answers.

And now somebody, but not me, has submitted this question to HN. Under my name. I'm puzzled...

It's not under your name, unfortunately. mdemare != mmare

But it indeed seems to be somebody who is claiming to be the author of the SO post (perhaps for karma?).

They only created the HN account today in order to post this story, and they chose a username which is obviously a reference to Michiel de Mare from the SO post.

Whereas according to mmare's profile, he's been around on HN for a good while now.

I agree that it's strange.

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