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Math in spotlight on os x showed me that there is someone in the company who pays attention to how a user uses the system. Not just the math part, but the fact that you can copy the result to the pasteboard with the keyboard shortcut

But it always annoys me when selecting the result doesn't open the same math problem in the calculator app (like how QuickLook will open a video at the exact same playhead position + window position)

True, very true. I hate when I mistakenly hit enter and it opens a blank calculator. One would assume that the calculator has an api where you can send queries to it, maybe it doesnt have one for 'open with predefined equation'

I wouldn't assume that — a Cocoa application process is an insane amount of overhead for a simple arithmetic expression evaluator, so who'd bother using it? Assuming Spotlight uses the same underlying evaluator, it's a safe bet that it's implemented as a library shared between the Spotlight search UI and the app. To be even more specific, on 10.8 at least, both Calculator.app and Search.bundle link to a private framework called Calculate, which may be relevant.

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