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At my last startup (TheSharedWeb) we tried to do something like this, sans the natural language processing work these guys are doing [we used a manual strategy and tried to focus on the presentation]. Anyway, we never really perfected the experience, and ended up pivoting away.

These guys are doing some sort of NLP magic and it seems to work really well. If they could get reddit in the content stream, that would really encompass all the content I'm consuming

Jetlore engineer, here. It's not magic, but we definitely agree we're onto something because this is indeed very hard.

If anyone has ideas for other content streams, including their own, you can email us and we may open up an endpoint that analyzes any text and returns its category along with unambiguous topics.

In general, we're excited to see what developers can do with our API. To try it out, be sure to check out our api demo: http://www.jetlore.com/techdemo

By the way, some more details: we have semantic search. Try something like "indie rock" and it'll return posts about indie artists. You can also try music genres, movie genres, cuisines, and more.

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