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Thanks for the feedback mrchess. It's true that there are many options that appear all at once. Do you think having a tour that highlighted specific next actions would address some of your concerns?

I don't think a tutorial would help. The feeling is similar is that of being thrown into Photoshop. Here's a couple initial thoughts after playing for 30 minutes:

1. Not sure what monitor size you are using, but the right menu blends with the editing area. Would be nice to add a shadow to give me clarity on the division of the right menu.

2. Resize handles on a lot of objects yet I can't resize them.

3. Clicking on the items on the left menu for a preview throws me off. Makes me think that the descriptions are options eg. Page Heading (I tried to drag some of them out a few times).

4. How do I zoom out?

I guess in the context of a Bootstrap toolkit, less is more. I just want to be able to drag stuff and have it all "work". I don't really care about the extra options because the padding, typography, is already taken care of with Bootstrap. That being said I'd want Advanced features to be opt-in.

My 2c.

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