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HN I am buying a website. Show me what you have.
13 points by marcomassaro 1859 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments
Looking to buy a startup or established website (budget in the xx,xxx range).

- Looking for something providing a product, service, web app etc

- Revenue is not required

- Would like to see slight traction but not necessary if its GOOD

- Nothing illegal

Post here or contact me via the email in my profile. If interested I'll respond.

Check out https://flippa.com - it's an auction site for web properties.

Been browsing - a lot of crap though looking for some cooler HN startups

Can't be too helpful, my biz isn't for sale and that's all I can offer. Consider trying to go to Demo Days for YC, 500, etc., and pitching teams there.

My first webapp http://www.drawmics.com is like twitter for comics/images. I haven't got time to work more on it, but it's pretty good at the current state. It usually gets 50 views per day. Check it out.

It's not ready to be sold, but we never know. I have a Software to build web applications for iPad and Android as Software as a Service, Website in French, english comming soon. Maybe you like to do business dev.

email me - in profile

Here's my site: http://www.jcopro.net/ - not really looking to sell, but I think it's cool at least...

Sent them an email..

Am leaning towards SaaS products right now so do reach out if you have something!

email me please

Still looking. Email or post

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