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Thanks! Fixed the "check out" issue. I don't see the other problems, but such is the nature of copy-editing your own writing.

Actually, those are correct. "a couple writers" and "a couple of writers" are both grammatically correct.

"its completion" -> "it's completion" is just wrong. "It is completion" is not the intent of the sentence.

You are certainly right about the "its". I have an annoying habit of incorrectly correcting people.

From the last paragraph: "a couple writers" -> "a couple of writers" "its completion" -> "it's completion"

It seems really important to me, that you get these sorts of things right in all your posts, even if you yourself won't be writing your prospective clients' blog posts.

It is really important. You are right. In my haste to get this product out the door this morning, I forgot to send the post to our copy-editors. I screwed up. Sorry :( I certainly won't be making that mistake again.

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