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Do you guys hear music when you mouse click?
5 points by aravindc 1842 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments
I seem to hear a distinct sounds for the left click and right click. Am sure they sound the same actually and it's my Brain imagining the distinct sounds. But sometimes even just clicking the left button on three different places seem to induce the feeling of three differently pitched clicks. Thereby enabling me to imagine a rhythm of beats by just left clicking at different places. For example three links pointing nowhere. Just wanted to check if it happens for others here as well?

Right. It's due to interference, particularly with your monitor. Some configurations of hardware are worse than others, however.

Oh wow, yeah whether it's only in my head or not I do hear a difference after paying attention to it. I'm using the buttons on my Lenovo T60 laptop closest to the spacebar FWIW.

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