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From the blog post and main screen, I have no idea what this service is selling. Is it promising to aggregate blogs/tweets/FB posts of a certain topic and deliver them to you on a weekly basis? Is it promising to prompt you weekly along the lines of "you promised you'd write about ___ today!"? Is it promising to find ghost writers for the topics you specify, and have them churn out content on a weekly schedule?

Once I've specified weekly blog posts from topics I have in mind, the next form makes it pretty clear that the service will find people to write your blog for you, which sounds pretty skeevy. I don't know how you would detect a Scripted blog post, but I'd rather not see them on HN. If someone's writing is good enough to make it to HN, it should do so under the author's own brand. Just my opinion.

Hey Nate. Agreed, you definitely need a bit of context regarding what exactly Scripted does in order to understand this feature. The assumption was that if someone navigated their way to our weekly offering, they probably did so after grasping the basics of our business. But by announcing this as a standalone, I can see how we introduced tons of confusion. Sorry! For what it's worth, we have many clients that give byline to their writers, and a couple of them are HN regulars!

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