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Ask HN: Can I visit your office in London this Friday?
6 points by knes 1866 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

I am moving to London in December and I will be looking for a job as a Product or Marketing Manager.

I will be in town this weekend to visit flats but since I arrive Friday early morning I though it would be great if I could visit some startup offices, grab a coffee with some people in the industry so I can get a feel of how the startup industry function in London.

You can reply here or send me an email, my details are in my profile.


If you're here this weekend you should check out:

http://www.silicondrinkabout.com/ http://siliconmilkroundabout.com/

(Incidentally if you're looking for a flatshare @simoncast who co-runs the ProductTank meetup is looking for a new flatmate - see his twitter for details)

Yes, I forgot to mention that I would be attending SMR on Saturday and maybe Sunday too.

Regarding the flatshare, I'm moving to London with my GF but thanks for the though!


Welcome to London!

Check out Google campus - http://www.campuslondon.com/ . The cafe is a great place to meet London startup people and there are always events going on (http://www.campuslondon.com/events/).

If you're here till Monday night, check out Burger night - http://thestartuptoolkit.com/blog/burger-night/ It's just a casual dinner for local founders.

I might not be around this weekend, but email me some time if you want to meet. I'm a solo founder - no office (yet) but happy to meet for coffee/beer. My details are in my profile.

Edit: totally forgot about Silicon Milk roundabout, thanks ig1! You couldn't be visiting at a better time, knes.

I'll be in Shoreditch friday morning so I'll definitely visit the Campus Café. Too bad I'm leaving monday morning, I would have loved to attend the Burger Night.

Thanks for the tips!

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