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I'm handing over my thesis in less than one month. In fact, most of my friends and colleagues think of grad school as a sort of institutionalized enslavement. On the contrary, I find my PhD years have been a good school of entrepreneurship. Among other things, they taught me how to fail fast and come back stronger, how big institutions work, and how people behave and trust other people in productive relationships and partnerships. As an Italian moving to SF in order to develop my MVP and incorporate my startup, I can truthfully state I would have never been able to figure out this was my path, let alone to find the right attitude, confidence, and determination to follow it, without my PhD years.

(Based on "as an Italian") how are you dealing with visa issues? My good grad school friends all had issues with that transition. Many of them are slaving away at MegaCorps until they get green cards.

Nice question. Exploring the window of possibilities at the moment. There are a bunch of them, some involving enslavement, some not necessarily...

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