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I have owned a small Myers Parrot for about ten years.

He is very clever in understanding his environment. Once he raised one wing over his head and lowered the other wing to make his shoulders narrow enough to walk between two obstacles. He also has a strange desire to explore dark closets - odd since he has poor night vision.

I advise against anyone buying a Parrot unless they have a lot of free time. A Parrot will thrive in captivity if he has a lot (a lot!) of attention, otherwise Parrots in captivity will be miserable. For example, my wife and I need to keep our bird in the same room where we are hanging out - it does not do at all to leave a Parrot by themselves and we only do so when we go out to some social event. When we travel I hire a bird specialist to care for him. I have mostly been retired for a long time, so he is a good pet for me.

I find the "social" needs of animals very interesting. I own a rabbit and most of the time he doesn't like petting and will run if you want to catch him, but if you leave the room he will follow you and go to sleep in a hard to reach corner.

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