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I would rather do something for free than have to worry about the extra accounting declaring lots of $1 amounts to the tax department entails.

In the US you don't have to declare income under (i believe) $500 from a single source in a given year. So if you earned 5,000 $1 payments, each from a different source you would have to declare NONE of them. If you earned 1,000 $100 payments from different sources you wouldn't have to declare those either.

Personally I'd rather do something for free that benefits the general public than for someone who just seems to be a cheap bastard. Now, if it were coding for an open source project and getting payed trivial wages because the project has no money and devs just need help getting something done... maybe.

If you donate your winnings to charity (a feature provided on Bountify), there are no accounting issues to worry about.

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