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No doubt it's getting there, but with a couple of the big ones (MSVC especially) missing chunks it's hard to shift over completely. I've used it a few times with GCC and I've been pretty much happy with all the new features, looking forward to using it a bit more often.

VS2010 implemented much of the C++11 feature set, and VS2012 implements almost all of it. See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/vstudio/hh567368.asp... for a table comparison of C++11 support.

I'm itching to start using this stuff in QuickBooks; I love smart pointers but hate auto_ptr and being able to safely use STL containers with smart pointers opens a new world of entity processing.

Unfortunately there's still lots of stuff missing, e.g. delegated constructors and, probably most significantly, constexpr.

The apache table[+] has been updated as of this month, and MSVC (with a version given as "11.0 nov'12") now is looking rather better, but is still missing constexpr... :(

Still, it appears that there should be fairly good support in all major compilers within the next few years, at least if you can depend on your devs using relatively up-to-date compiler releases (not at all a given where I work!)... :]

[+] http://wiki.apache.org/stdcxx/C%2B%2B0xCompilerSupport

Ah awesome, last time I looked there was a few things missing that looked a bit of an oversight. I was trying to remember when exactly but it must have been a while ago.

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