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    Perhaps the best way to close this column is with something I once heard attributed to Stu Card, a pioneer the field of human-computer interaction: "Grad school will be the best years of your life. Having said that, get out as soon as you can." 
Yes, this is indeed the best way to close the column. Wonderful article, thanks for sharing.

Except that he doesn't give any explanation of why. Considering that it is an introductory-type article handing out advice, he should have.

Why: grad school is a great time to be independent and work on a lot of things that you want. But, after your 6th-7th year in the PhD program, it will quickly flip from being the best time in your life to being one of the worst times of your life, if you can't manage to graduate.

You will question yourself. You will envy your friends who've graduated from the program and are now working as a professor, or for Google or for MSR. You'll look around at all the new grad students and realize you don't know their names.

So the quote is right on. Enjoy your time, but get out as fast as you can. :-)

Why? I will answer it in just one word - money.

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