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Ask HN: Who is everyone using for DNS these days? Route 53?
9 points by benguild 1718 days ago | hide | past | web | 15 comments | favorite
Something so commonplace, you almost never think about it.

I have been doing research on DNS for my project. And below are some of my findings / Opinions.

I am not going to paid a large sums of money on DNS. And that rules out some of the options like Dyn.

You want a 3rd Party DNS mainly because of HA and Speed. Route53 and OnApp hosting's DNS do really well, but they are slow in some areas.

DNSMadeEasy was the best i could find, it doesn't have any PoPs in Asia areas, but other then that it is pretty much the fastest DNS services in US and EU. And it is surprisingly cheap as well for the low to Mid traffic. Expensive at the Higher End compared to Route53 but i guess it wouldn't matter much when you reach that sort of traffic.

I would actually love to use CloudFlare, you get free DNS + analytics. For Personal site i think it is great. For anything business related i still have doubts. They have expanded quite lot of areas over the last 6 months. But last times i looked its speed aren't great compared to OnApp or Route53. Its downtime is also higher.

I've used http://afraid.org for my tiny sites for almost a decade. Josh runs a solid service and its uptime has been something I've been willing to pay for. That being said, I've never run a moneymaking site or anything with > 2500 hits/day on it.

I personally use Route 53. It is the same price as a lot of the competition but a lot more flexible/powerful.

That being said however you need to understand DNS at least moderately to be able to understand what is presented in Route 53, it doesn't "baby" you at all.

I've been using Cloudflare. It's nice to have something cached for free during downtime.

I use dnsimple


I've been happy with http://zerigo.com for the past couple years.

I've heard great things about Point (https://pointhq.com/)

I use Route53 for my personal stuff and have started to use Cloudflare for client sites, since it's free.

Call me paranoid but I've always struggled with free services that almost seem too good to be true.

Cloudflare offers a good service, there is little debate surrounding that, but how long can they keep on giving it away for?

I know what you mean. They got something like $22m in funding so they might be good for a while, though I don't think they're making any profit yet.

If I suggest cloudflare to a client then I make it clear that they'll probably have to upgrade at some point, same goes for services like heroku.

I use https://dns.he.net/ .

Simple and supports all kinds of records.

I use easydns.com -- not sure if it's still the case, but I think at one point ycombinator used it.

Rackspace offers a free DNS service, and luckily the new interface is quite usable.

dynect and route53 (ansillary domains) at $dayjob

dnsmadeeasy for personal projects and such.

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