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Man he's hated by a lot of the media. Whole diatribes are being written about how it's impossible to boil an election down to numbers on a spreadsheet. It's crazy that these are the same people that ask us to respect their opinions. Not even a basic understanding of mathematical thinking.

I'm looking at his projected map. I'm looking at the results map. They're the same. Silver 1, pundits 0.

By my scoring, it's something like Silver 1, pundits -75.

If they had just kept quiet, it would have been easy to treat them as providing a different take. But their eagerness to beat on Silver was overreach. I can only hope that some of them will have to find honest work after this.

As a counterpoint, there is of lot of knee jerk rejection of any criticism of Nate Silver. A lot of people protray anything that questions Nate Silver's work as rejection of math.

Well, if you just reject his conclusions without refuting any of his methods, you haven't really made any argument against him. Those rejections are pretty much all rejections of math in favor of wishful thinking. Mere intuition can never be an effective argument against quantitative analysis.

In the normal mainstream media, I have not seen one critique of his methods.

I haven't seen that. Can you point me to an example online?

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