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Do tweets like this scare the s--t out of anyone else?

I voted for Obama but if Romney win the election, i would still be happy, because God says He will elect the best...

This isn't Reddit nor is it /r/atheism. Please keep your comments constructive.

Why's that scary? That's a pretty positive, constructive attitude to have.

Nah, he's right. I remember God mentioning that one day we were having a beer.

No. For all you or I know this person is a better, happier, more intelligent person than you or I.

They did their civic duty and will accept the democratic will of the people regardless of the outcome.

I personally find it scary when people think that "Gods will" has anything to do with electing the leader of the most powerful country in the world for the next four years.

It starts to sound a lot like fundamentalism, and makes me wonder how different this is than parts of the world in constant violence due to "gods will".

I'm much more worried by the fact that voting is so widely considered "our civic duty" than by the fact that some people believe there is a God whose will affects the world.

Scarier to see voting for president being "did their civic duty".

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