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The categorization is somewhat...suspect. This is from the latest tweets "for Romney".

- hate Americans who are like 'I always vote republican so of course I voted for romney'

- I'm not afraid to say who I voted for. I voted for Obama cause lets face it, Romney's just a dickhead.

- Sweet satire. "Why I voted for Mitt Romney" http://www.salon.com/2012/11/06/why_i_voted_for_mitt_romney/....

That said, from polls we know that the overall vote is going to be very close to 50/50, so the lopsided totals are a sign of skew in Twitter users, not the country.

I saw one that said, "I would have voted for Obama if he had accepted my Farmville request", and it ticked up for Obama.

I just saw one talking about the website itself. Both sides ticked up one.

So yeah, it's not exactly accurate, but hey - it's fun to watch.

I agree but dont you thing that there is value to be extracted from the two phrases "voted for Obama" and "voted for Romney"?

No, because those phrases do not appear to be linked to who voted or how they voted in any statistical meaning way. All you can derive from this is that on election day people are talking about the election in high volume. Hardly a revolutionary insight.

Yep first Romney one I saw was "Just because I'm white...... DON'T assume I voted for Romney!"

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