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FiveThirtyEight is actually leased by The New York Times.

Nate, brand, and all can leave the New York Times in the middle of 2013 once his contract is up.

Depending on the election results, I wouldn't be surprised to see him ask for a whole lot more money, jump to a new highest bidder, or go independent again.

He's actually said that he doesn't intend to be doing this again in four years time, but that FiveThirtyEight (the algorithm/brand) may continue without him.

Probably wants to get back to poker.

Judging from what he wrote about poker in his book, doesn't seem likely - talked about how much the game has changed and how he couldn't win with his old strategies/style any more.

From the book I get the feeling he'd like to use his forecasting skills in something that is a bit more demanding, he chalks up baseball and political forecasts as falling in the 80/20 pareto rule.

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