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Does it work without being accepted into the beta?

I would try but I'm at work currently.

It does, but you must run Steam from the command line:

    $ steam steam://open/store/ &
Also, sometimes the client will say that you're account is not in the Beta and shutdown. Just try again and it will eventually work.

The first time I connected it didn't work, but I put in the command to download tf2 (which didn't download) and after that it seemed to work fine, I could talk to my friends and download/play my HIB games.

> There's this

To clog crash/stats/... reports with unsupported system.

I really hope they attach results of 'lsb_release -a' to the reports. If they don't, that's not the users' fault if the stats are incorrect.

Also apart from some python2/3 issues in their scripts, Arch install seems to be pretty stable - bought 2 games and they work just great.

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