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Yep, I run Arch but answered Ubuntu because I knew I'd have no chance of getting into the beta otherwise. No doubt someone will manage to create an AUR package for Arch that uses the Ubuntu version of Steam. Unfortunately, I wasn't selected, so I have no way of knowing when I'll actually get to try it out.

Does it work without being accepted into the beta?

I would try but I'm at work currently.

It does, but you must run Steam from the command line:

    $ steam steam://open/store/ &
Also, sometimes the client will say that you're account is not in the Beta and shutdown. Just try again and it will eventually work.

The first time I connected it didn't work, but I put in the command to download tf2 (which didn't download) and after that it seemed to work fine, I could talk to my friends and download/play my HIB games.

> There's this

To clog crash/stats/... reports with unsupported system.

I really hope they attach results of 'lsb_release -a' to the reports. If they don't, that's not the users' fault if the stats are incorrect.

Also apart from some python2/3 issues in their scripts, Arch install seems to be pretty stable - bought 2 games and they work just great.

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