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something else, these people:

For Alex, who asked, "Why can't I just hit F7 and get what I want?"

For Jerry, who asked, "Why can't this software just do things the way WE do them?"

For Sarah, who said, "We never have enough information! There's got to be an easier way to get information out of this system."

For Tom, who said, "I've been dreaming of doing something like this for years, but never met a programmer who could make it happen."

For Jolene, who said, "There must be a way to process our orders without spending $8 million on software."

For Jeff, who said, "I just want to know what's on HBO at 8:00 without clicking 47 times."

For Sue, who said, "Excel is the only thing we can get to do what we want. We love it, but we hate it. Can't someone just turn this into a real app?"

For Joe, who said, "If I just knew which products I was losing money on, I could do something about it."

For Jerry, who said, "If someone could just write an app to tell me when and where to mount my spools, everything else would fall into place."

For Wendy, who asked, "I just want to know what to buy in November. Can't this system just tell me without 37 different reports?"

For Fred, who said, "800 fucking emails every morning! Isn't there a better way to apply some intelligence to this without being a nuclear scientist?"

These aren't really side projects in a conventional sense of the term. This appears to be just some work-related stuff.

They could be side projects at work! It's kind of weird, but I have my main work at work, and then I have a small stable of things that I work on when I'm not behind on my regular stuff and want to do something else.

ascendant, FYI looks like you're hellbanned

Am I hellbanned?




They seem pretty unrelated, so I'd bet they're side projects of some kind.

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