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17 years old is not a minor. And you don't tweet about other peoples' sexual (or reproductive indeed) lives. If person C tweets about the sexual life of B and A, then C is a bad person. They should not have done it.

P. S. I live on another side of the planet.

As is the case where the person you are replying to, where I live, a 17 years old is a minor. You claim to be living on another side of the planet ... then you should restrict to comment about things you know about on "your" side of the planet.

A 17 years old is not a minor. You can call them "sexually restricted" but biologically and socially they are grown up and capable. Minor is somebody who is still growing. 17 years old is grown up. 17 years old might be already studying in an university thoudsands of kilometers from home. Or they work and earn money. By calling 17 years a minor and trying (rather unsuccessfully) to restrict them sexually you are trying to violate human rights and therefore a bad person.

P. S. I see the downvote rally is going on. Bring in relatives and friends! Suffering for truth is sweet.

Minor: "a person under the legal age of full responsibility."


Then we are all minors because I don't see how we are allowed of full responsibility. For example, we don't seem to be allowed to own and use drugs.

And how does having sex with a person under the legal age of full responsibility (which may not come until like 35 when you're allowed to apply for certain political positions in some jurisdictions) allows a third party to tweet away the details of your sex life? I'm all for the freedom of speech, but anyone who does that is a very very bad person. You might have a right to tweet about other peopes' sex life without their consent (if we aim for absolutely free speech), but using that right marks you a very bad person indeed.

Every society sets different ages for when sexual activity is acceptable. You may not agree that a 17 year old is a minor, but it isn't your decision.

I would recommend you do not go to Bolivia, have sex with a 17 year old, and try to argue that a 17 year old isn't really a minor.

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