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That's an interesting reason. May I know more about your side projects and how you go about networking in those industries?

I always bill my projects as if investing in a fast growing company. I often look for new restaurants, new housing developments, cultural institutions - but I don't exclude any project unless the client is overly aggressive.

It's always important to ask them for a website that they like and this gives you a target. When you meet and beat that "ideal" website - they're often incredibly grateful. I never attempt to retire off my prospects :)

I've done bakery and pastry shops and in addition to my project bid, I negotiate permanent discounts and even a few let me eat for free whenever I'm there.

I've done furniture stores and in addition, I get permanent employee discount. I've pitched housing developments and in addition, I'll get employee rate for rent. Lawyers are the same - you can rely on them to help look over your contracts. They're just as important, so I often do exchange in hours.

Just be a nice developer and realistic. We're blessed to know what many people don't and a few bad apples like to take advantage of their clients because of this. Be a breath of fresh air and watch the doors open.

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