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This story leaves me feeling helpless. What can I, living in the United States, do to change this statement:

  In reality, [Section 66A of the IT Act of 2000] is more often used by 
  the state as a weapon against dissent. In each such case, police action 
  has been swift and harsh.
I'd love it if someone would comment, or better, write a blog posting with a list of actionable steps that I can take to improve things.

Whilst a laudable sentiment, you might be better off putting your energy into ensuring a similar law is never passed in the US.

We have have a very similar law in the UK, Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986, and I'm sure it won't be long before something similar is proposed in the US after the 'innocence of muslims' debacle / tragedy (which is exactly the kind of thing that the UK law was brought in for, but has been similarly abused by the authorities).

We also have rather interesting laws surrounding libel in the UK... India seems to be a bit more sane on that front at least.

Your best bet is to make a really stinky fart. If that fart reaches across the world, and certain people smell it, it might stop them from doing what they do.

That's your best chance of effecting any change in India from the US as a private individual.

It's not easy to take action by authorities if such acts were done by or repeated by many.

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