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because India is a corrupt mafia run state?

Corrupt, yes. Mafia-run, no. There are limits to the insults we will take.

Come to think of it, implying that some of our politicians were smart enough to be mafia would be highly insulting to the mafia.

Some are wannabe mafia, though. They're the ones we try to avoid. The others are corrupt, but often their motives are fairly aligned with public interest. For instance, they take cuts on all infrastructure projects, so our infrastructure tends to improve at a fairly good pace - though obviously not as fast as it theoretically could.

"so our infrastructure tends to improve at a fairly good pace"... not quiet. The politicians get HUGE kick backs from the contracts. Where does the money come from? By sourcing cheap sub-standard materials. This leads to shit infrastructure with everything crumbling within couple years of construction. I have seen pictures of N. Korea and they seem to have better infrastructure.

Indian politics is corrupt, not India.

Each family is a mafia. It exactly describes India.

And the limits go quite deep. Right?


The UK arrests people for tweeting too. Were the tweets distasteful? definitely. illegal? often not.

You're also not allowed to demonstrate anywhere near parliament or shout at the prime minister.

Russia would probably be an example of a corrupt mafia run state. India is just corrupt or rather indian politicians. And at that population & diversity (given the limited resources), that's pretty much inevitable. It's just human greed. Is there a solution? I don't know but education and trying to curb the population would be a start

Ambiguity of English. India is not a corrupt, mafia run state, but it indeed is a state which is run by a corrupt mafia. Things are changing, but the change will not manifest itself at sufficient scale unless the established negative forces are eradicated. Which is hard. NP hard.

If you were from India, you could also face jail. Why you insult the mafia by comparing these politicians (Indian). Mafia also have limit for earning money but if you just read the amount of fraud / corruption in last 5-6 yrs of ruling Congress party, no one can even imaging, India is a poor & developing county.

Mafia!! Not anymore. They left that profession and are politicians now.

And I just don't mean it as a joke.

If that was true, the mafias do not need to become politician.

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