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I have what may be a silly (or just uninformed) question:

This, d3, etc. all look extremely cool and like great ways to do procedural graphics creation / animation.

Has there emerged yet a Flash Builder-like tool for Canvas-based web graphics yet? I feel like there's a fundamental limit to how widespread procedural graphics production will be since many designers/animators/game developers a just don't work that way -- they need visual tools. Or so I assume.

Adobe is moving somewhat that direction with an experimental product called Edge Animate (though oddly it does not use canvas):


They also are working to allow you to export Flash to Canvas through what they call Flash Professional Toolkit for CreateJS.


Animate doesnt work on older browsers and produce slow and dreadfull code. Animate is everything flash is hated for without the power of actionscript.

CreateJs is a better solution, but you still need canvas ( you can still polyfill with flash canvas for older browsers )

For a while now, I've been working on a HTML5 design tool called Radi:


It's primarily focused on animation and video. Published animations use the Canvas tag instead of SVG. (I'm not a huge fan of SVG for this kind of rendering because it's such a sprawling committee-designed document format rather than a compact and expressive API.)

Radi is currently Mac-only. I had a Windows port underway at one point (to the point of actually getting the app running on Win7), but haven't had the time to work on it lately... Hopefully it'll be on Windows too one day.

Take a look at http://tumult.com/hype/ ! (YCW11)

Not quite what you mean, but they do have a code visualiser:


He/she is wanting a GUI tool for creating HTML5/JavaScript graphics and animations. I think his best bet right now is following Adobe's efforts with Edge, as someone else mentioned.

For Orbit we were working on some new features which allows you to hotswap code while you are typing / dragging and dropping things on the visual representation. See https://vimeo.com/53017149 for a little preview. Maybe that is something he/she wants :)

One of the cool things you can do with their code is build it all in Flash, using existing tools, then convert it to Bonsai. Not so good for real web heads, but great for Flash people

For anyone else who was confused by this statement, I found out that uxebu, the creators of Bonsai.js, also have a tool for converting Flash to HTML5 called PixelPlant[1]. I've never used Flash, so no interest in this particular product, but as an svg and js aficionado, I'd say bonsai.js looks very interesting.

1. https://www.pixelplant.com/

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