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And nothing will change. At least not until someone does this with malicious intent - script kiddie A knocks out big site, or a censoring state decides that it should block a free speech site from the entire Internet.

Evil routing has been employed a whole bunch of times going back decades, most visibly a couple of years ago when IIRC Iran (?) started advertising bad routes for a bunch of big sites, including Google

Pakistan null routed YouTube and accidentally took a big chunk down around the world in 2007.

I can't find much information about Iran advertising bad routed, but China did: http://bgpmon.net/?p=282

A much more useful thing to do than take out a big site is use BGP to create your own "section of the internet" to do your malicious deeds from, then afterwards remove the BGP routes and your addresses will no longer exist on the internet. So it will be as if you sent packets from a phantom network.

Thats why many people have been archiving every advertised route going back to the mid-90's.

http://archive.routeviews.org/oix-route-views/ http://www.pch.net/resources/data.php?dir=/routing-tables (link appears to be temporarily broken)

Script kiddies generally do not have access to edge routers though...

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