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Show HN: Wishberg: Born in Mumbai. Launched in Bangalore. Made for the World.
9 points by beingpractical 1000 days ago | 6 comments
We've opened Wishberg (www.wishberg.com) in public beta today. Currently allowing users to share/discover wishes, reviews and experiences in their social graph.

Aim is to build social graph for product and purchase intents. Localized information for 200+ cities across 12 countries.

Appreciate reviews / feedback and suggestions. Please share on this forum or drop a note on pj(at)beingpractical.com

Please change the "Wanna" - it just grates. There is nothing wrong with "Want to ....." maybe even just "Have" and "Want" buttons.


Thanks for this. I agree, will get simple text.


Nice design. I wish that you focused on one thing - travel, cars, whatever. By doing everything, I'm not sure what to do.

It also feels a little ... lonely? It'd be better if you had some hint of user activity on here.

I was hesitant to sign up fearing that you'd spam my facebook wall, without more context.

Good luck!


Thanks. Valid feedback. Yes - we're missing that bit when a user joins with email address and without friends / followers. Will introduce that soon.

Personally, I hate spam as much as you do. We have enabled sharing on Facebook / Twitter only with a context. Almost every place with explicit user permission. There are many annoying apps, we don't want to get there.


clickable http://www.wishberg.com


Thanks :)


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