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Rate My Startup: TrivialMobile.com
10 points by dkashkin 1898 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments
This idea won the "most useful" nomination at Hack TX hackathon a couple of weeks ago. Basically, it's an attempt to reduce the effort around creating mobile websites down to zero. We have not officially launched this service yet, but we feel good about quality and would totally appreciate feedback from this group! Thanks! TrivialMobile.com

I like the simplicity of this idea. However, I am wondering if we could call this as creating websites since this looks more like submitting a blog through our email. Sorry about the negative comment, but that was the point that struck me on watching the video.

Thanks for this note! I actually agree - our current marketing message is overselling the current features. We'll try to polish it further. We are also designing a few new features that would reduce the gap between us and full blown website generators.

I watched the 1 minute video on your home page. I liked how fast and easy it is to get an app going. I think you have something going here with this idea.

Wow! This forum has been extremely helpful. We had a few people try the service, even one even identified a bug. Please keep the feedback coming :)

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