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I'd argue detecting iPad 2 in landscape mode would be an opportunity for an extra RHS column

While on Mini, you'd just drop that

Shame we can not have that possibility, as the extra 19% of screen makes an extra column readable.

I'd be pretty unhappy if my favourite website was missing a column just because I was on my mini.

You already have that on phone vs desktop.

It's the nature of things, and should not be an issue if the responsive design is done properly

But the iPad and the iPad mini has the same number of pixels. If I browse a site on my mini I expect the same UI as when I use my iPad.

This is true. But there is a strong case for increasing font size on a mini, and letting the content breath more. So dropping a RHS column would help that.

This is if you believe in non-zoomable design. If you allow the user to zoom, one option would be to deliver full desktop design and content, as you prefer.

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