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Please, let's not get started all over again. UA detection is dead. Don't do it. Mobile Safari has a zoom-in feature (double-tap) that works perfectly without any "fixes" by the website developer.

Rumours of it's death are premature. It's used by over 80% of the Alexa top 100 sites. http://mobiforge.com/designing/blog/server-side-device-detec... Why? Because it can help tailor the user experience, reduce page payload etc.

You can test whether a site is using UA detection here: http://hydra.mobiforge.com

And billions of people smoke. Doesn't mean it's good practice.

I'd draw a distinction and say that it's probably something determined by a designer who wants to show off their Photoshop skills by having several meticulously designed websites for different devices.

As a developer, I'd leave the zoom as is and avoid this browser stuff like the plague. Too much repeated code.

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