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my first thought: i have no real interest in building iphone apps, but this looks like it would be really nice to develop mobile-specific webapps and even pages. are there any non-obvious reasons this couldn't just be used to develop and deploy a webapp?

I came here to say the exact same thing. I've worked with JQuery Mobile, and found it to be a bit 'heavyweight'. It likes to take your html elements and replace them with a soup of divs and spans, so that it can support devices such as blackberry, feature phones, etc. I've been wishing for a pure CSS mobile framework for some time.

I just tried ratchet out on my Android phone - it works well under chrome, but there are some minor CSS problems with the directional buttons under the built in web browser. Performance seems ok, but not lightning quick.

On the ipad everything seems to work ok. I had a bit of trouble with sliding the toggles.

So on the face of it, building an actual HTML5 app should be feasible. Does anybody with an iphone or a windows phone want to comment on how it runs?

Works fairly well on iPhone. Just tried on Android emulator (don't have an actual phone handy)... loaded it up as a web app and also did a trigger.io android build. Some minor css issues, and it looks like it's getting a bunch of extra space at the end of the content area that isn't happening in desktop chrome or on ios though...

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