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Assigning a moral value to Google's algorithms here, or to personalized search in general, doesn't make sense. I like personalized search - when I change main operating systems, as I do every few months, my information for debugging is always for the right os. If I look up hashmaps, it usually gives me results for the programming language I'm using that day. In the middle of a study session for linear algebra, I can just search for inverse and get a useful wikipedia page. If I want results that are not personalized like this for some reason - more balanced coverage, I actually want to know about pythons, whatever - then hopefully I have the discipline and ability to go to incognito or another search engine. Maybe I don't know about them, in which case if I'm politically engaged I will find out from a fearmonger. But the reality is that there are two products, each ideal for different people and use cases, and neither of them is evil. It has always been difficult to get 'unbiased' information, whatever that is. With Google, I have a chance to see beyond my local papers and the people I know in one way, and with DDG it's another.

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