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@brianchu: I agree. I'm largely at fault. And I'm probably going to take down the post. I was just pissed off at Allan's attitude (especially the condescension), and thought I'd try to get a little revenge. But that's no way to behave. I do apologize. Also, I'm going to stop using the word "So" as often. Also, I'm going to start proofreading my blog posts before I put them live. It's just that it's never really mattered, because nobody has ever read it!

I think the other commenters are way too harsh on you. While I don't think you really need to apologize in this case, its a classy move regardless.

Right. Apologizing is not strictly necessary. But relationships matter; in the long run someone who is able to apologize and keep calm despite others' rude statements is going to be better off.

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