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You've got so many things right with this, I'm really impressed. Supporting login via Github and accepting Bitcoin payments makes the "for Geeks" tagline come across as honest. Similarly, being really upfront about the hosting referral links and providing non-referral links contributes to the sense that "this is an honest guy".

The whole things looks slick as fuck too. Hosting the privacy policy with a third-party who summarises it is a great idea. In general I feel like I've learned a lot about how to launch a product just by looking at this site. Thanks!

In return, I'd like to offer just one opinion about what I think could be improved. The front page content below the fold, starting with "We created TerrificDNS" and ending with "Take some action today" feels a bit cluttered and tl;dr compared to the rest. I started to skim at that point. Seriously though, I loved this.

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