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Would you consider moving to a database abstraction layer ? There are many of us here who are running postgres in production already and would like nothing better than to maintain one database engine that we can run and maintain.

Again - I'm not advocating that you switch the default, but if switching database engines is not your bottleneck, then would you be willing to consider that option (maybe Kickstarter it)

We don't currently have any interest in moving to a database abstraction layer. We do, however, allow you to drop in a db.php file that can replace the core database portion. That's not abstraction (you'll have to rewrite any MySQL-isms to be compatible with your DB of choice), but it is an option for people who absolutely cannot run MySQL. Microsoft wrote a WordPress plugin to do something like that: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-database-abstr...

There isn't anything in our feature roadmap or our growth plans that is hindered by MySQL. At some point I could imagine recommending a drop-in replacement like MariaDB.

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