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This looks more like an excellent enumeration of cargo cult concepts from Lean and Agile. Seems to have little to do with UX though. Two-pizza teams? Silos? Tribes? You could completely fill an "Agile" buzzword bingo card with this presentation.

Putting the word Lean in front of your team's process doesn't suddenly make you experts in customer development or eliminating waste. Any more than putting UX after it will make them understand usability, or user centered design process.

These things are in fact hard to do and hard to learn, they require a constant practice and measurement of results. It is far harder than most people ever give credit for. Saying you're "up-ending company culture" (a physical impossibility in my opinion) and going "full bore" on lean, agile, fill-in-the-blank, then sending your teams some blog posts to read, and a presentation of "anti-patterns" to watch is pretty much the textbook definition of a cargo cult.

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