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"65% of people said personalized search was a 'bad thing'"

So does this guy ( http://www.ted.com/talks/eli_pariser_beware_online_filter_bu... ) on TED and will easily convince you if you aren't already.

if people really wanted to find the other side of the story its available to them. I absolutely love personalized search. When I search for something I want local results, I want results that are most relevant to me. Its been proven that people would only go to sites that support their ideas and beliefs already. So showing unbiased results make no difference.

So if things are already messed up, we should just throw our hands up, pander, and go along with it?

whats messed up ? I stated I like personalized search because 9/10 times I'm googling something its related and I'd want to be personalized , either by local or a topic i've searched before. Not personalizing results will probably make search worse and people less likely to search in the first place.

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