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I don't subscribe to this. Using a transport system isn't just sitting in the first thing you see. You'll probably have to book, or know a map, decode the lingo of the network. And that's only if they provide you just what you need. If there's a problem, you'll have to rewire your plan, find new paths, their data, compare .. How many people get confused in subways on their first encounter ? just stopping using it for a few months and you'll lose habits.

Just like a computer.

And I'm absolutely not fond of how our OSes and software are designed, that's what I was suggesting by 'misdesigns'. What I reject is the neverending story of buying new shiny when old rusty could have done it but nobody told you that. People's mindset is that problems are solved by spilling money and trashing usable devices, double waste.

You sound like you're unfamiliar with public transport?

The way trains usually work nowadays is that you open a website, enter from where to where you want to go, and when you want to arrive, push the "pay" button, and print out the resulting page (which contains your schedule, sometimes a backup schedule, and a QR code that works as your ticket). Then, you just follow the schedule.

There's absolutely no need to know any map or lingo or network.

The main point I'm making is that, for most people, computers are appliances. I use my stove, but I'm not a cook. I'm not a "stove technician", either. I just know that I need to heat stuff at a certain level for a certain amount of time, and I only have to turn a simple knob to achieve that.

Similarly, most computer users aren't programmers or techs. They just want to write a letter. They should be able to do that without knowing about viruses and SSDs and RAM and OS upgrades and file format incompatibilities.

I'm familiar with it, I see people confused everyday, myself too sometimes. It's a nice myth that you can just get somewhere and everything will unfold naturally. You'll always have to learn how to communicate your intent to a system, and for each implementation of this system it will be slightly different, be it a subway network, a word processor, a stove, or even a pencil.

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