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Yes, programmatic creation of subdomains is one. Another potential use case is domain-based apps. NameTerrific will roll out OAuth support in the coming weeks so developers can control their users' domains through NameTerrific. So you can help a blogger point their domain to a blogging platform programmatically, for example.

Also, you can create a health check program that automatically drops unresponsive nodes from a round-robin DNS-based load balancing record set.

To address your concern: eNom handles all registrations currently. If NameTerrific doesn't respond you someday (I'll make sure it doesn't happen), you can claim back your domain at eNom and then you can transfer to anywhere else. The domains are yours and never ours.

Regarding the age: I recognize that being a problem now. But there's no regret. I've done what I need to and I'll prove myself with time and results.

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